Reservations & Walk-ins


Effortlessly handle all your reservations and walk-ins in one place. Our system consolidates bookings from multiple sources, provides real-time table availability, and streamlines the check-in process to ensure a seamless experience for both your staff and guests

Reservation Consolidation from

All Apps and Sources

We consolidate all your bookings in one floor plan and one agenda, because no one wants to juggle between multiple apps and emails

Consolidation of all booking sources into bistrochat manager restaurant reservation system: google reserve, instagram, facebook, openrice, eatigo, klook, chope, quandoo, tripadvisor, whatsapp, michelin guide, dining city

CRM Guests Database

Your restaurant's performance booster is here.
Bistrochat CRM empowers owners and staff with real-time data on bookings, guest behaviour, loyalty metrics, booking channels, and more.

guests profile view in restaurant's CRM with reservations, reviews, spend, booking channels, cancellations and no-shows

Table Management System

The Table Management System features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to learn and use. Staff can quickly perform common tasks, saving valuable time during busy hours. It allocates tables based on staff-set priorities and can automatically combine tables for larger parties. The system provides immediate access to key information, such as table status and reservations, ensuring efficient operations. With real-time updates, managing table assignments and guest communications becomes seamless. This user-friendly design enables staff to handle reservations and inquiries swiftly, improving overall service quality and efficiency

Table Management System With bookings and check-ins queuing, partially arrived, booking tags and other status
reservation with automatic deposit or credit card guarantee to avoid no-show

Deposits and Credit Card


Our Deposit and Credit Card Guarantee feature ensures secure reservations for your restaurant, reducing no-shows to virtually zero. Apply this feature based on the number of guests, such as parties of 8 and above, specific shifts like every Friday from 7 to 10 PM, or on special dates like December 31st. Flexible configurations allow combinations, such as requiring deposits for parties of 4 or more on Friday evenings and for parties of 8 or more the rest of the week. This feature ensures commitment and efficient management of your bookings, providing peace of mind and optimizing your operation

Guest Preferences and Profiles

Deliver personalized dining with Bistrochat Manager. Track guest preferences and profiles to know their likes and special requests, creating memorable experiences that keep them coming back.

Guest Feedback

We ask every guest to rate their experience on food, service, and atmosphere through Bistrochat Manager. These ratings are shared with your team, enabling them to consistently deliver top-notch dining experiences.

  • guest review of the restaurant, staff automatic feedback

Restaurant Reservation With WhatsApp AI-Chatbot

Bistrochat AI- Chatbot on WhatsApp talks to your customers in English, Simplified or traditional Chinese! It takes reservations, updates, and cancellations 24/7 with no human intervention. If a question is too difficult for the bistrochat AI chatbot, it will be directed to the restaurant’s staff

Automatic Restaurant Reservation with Whatsapp Business Api
Landline and Calls Management

Landline and Calls Management

Bistrochat’s Landline and Calls Management ensures you never miss a guest. When the restaurant is closed or staff is busy, Bistrochat automatically responds to calls and directs guests to book via WhatsApp. This feature ensures seamless communication, prevents lost reservations, and allows your staff to focus on in-house guests while maximizing your booking potential

Automatic Guest Waitlist

Our Automatic Guest Waitlist feature allows guests to add themselves to the waitlist when the restaurant is full. If a reservation is canceled, the staff can quickly select a guest from the waitlist to fill the spot, ensuring no table stays empty. This feature maximizes occupancy and enhances guest satisfaction by offering them a chance to dine even during peak hours



Darlene Robertson


+209 555 0104


Esther Howard


+209 555 0104


Savannah Nguyen


+209 555 0104

Queuing Feature

With our Queuing feature, guests can seamlessly add themselves to the queue, either independently or with staff assistance, based on the restaurant’s preference. Guests can indicate if their entire party is present and have the option to leave the queue at any time. They can also view the estimated waiting time and receive an automatic callback when their table is ready. Additionally, this system enables the restaurant to capture guest data for future communication. This feature enhances the guest experience by providing transparency and flexibility, ensuring efficient table management, and reducing wait times

POS Connections

With our Queuing feature, guests can seamlessly add themselves to the queue, either independently or with staff assistance, based on the restaurant’s preference. Guests can indicate if their entire party is present and have the option to leave the queue at any time. They can also view the estimated waiting time and receive an automatic callback when their table is ready.

Additionally, this system enables the restaurant to capture guest data for future communication. This feature enhances the guest experience by providing transparency and flexibility, ensuring efficient table management, and reducing wait times

Check Customers Spends

Records Customers Orders

Open Tabs

Check Guests Orders


Ms. Jane Cooper

+852 6242 8943

Total Spending

May 9, 2024 14:08

$ 1900

May 16, 2024 14:08

$ 1230

Your POS

and more

Restaurant Events & Promotions Management

Streamline your event management and boost your restaurant’s success. Host one-off or recurring events effortlessly with flexible payment options and the ability to book full, partial, or shared venues.

Customize options per guest or entire parties, and upsell with tailored add-ons.

Promote your events with photos and videos, and enjoy effortless post writing with AI.

Seamlessly integrate event details with your reservation system to inform guests about current promotions

Transform your event management with Bistrochat and create memorable experiences for your guests.

Enhanced Reservation Solutions for Restaurant Groups

Our comprehensive suite of features for groups of restaurants is designed to streamline operations and enhance guest experiences across all venues. With our system, you can effortlessly share guest data among all the restaurants in your group, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for repeat customers, no matter which location they visit.

We also help you identify and resolve double bookings across the entire group, preventing scheduling conflicts and ensuring smooth operations. Our centralized system flags any issues and provides easy solutions, maintaining optimal booking efficiency.

To simplify reservations, we offer a single landing page for bookings across all your venues. Guests can easily make reservations at any location within your group from one convenient portal, enhancing their booking experience and driving more traffic to your restaurants.

For groups with their own app, our robust API allows seamless integration, enabling you to connect our features directly to your custom app. This flexibility ensures that you can maintain your brand’s unique identity while leveraging our powerful tools.

Additionally, our group-level events page showcases promotions and upcoming events across all venues. This centralized page makes it easy for guests to stay informed about special offers and events, boosting engagement and attendance. Our features provide a cohesive, efficient, and guest-friendly experience across your entire restaurant group.

Powerful Reservation and CRM API

Unlock the full potential of your restaurant’s digital ecosystem with our powerful API integrations. Our APIs are designed to seamlessly connect with various systems, enhancing your operations and providing a unified experience for your guests.

Reservations and Availability Data

Integrate our reservation and availability data API into your branded app, ensuring your guests have real-time access to booking information. This allows for a smooth and efficient reservation process, directly from your own app, enhancing user experience and customer satisfaction.

CRM and Loyalty Program

Enhance your customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty programs by integrating our API. By sharing guest data across your CRM and loyalty systems, you can provide personalized experiences, track customer preferences, and reward repeat visits, ultimately boosting customer retention and engagement.

POS and Cashier Systems

Connect our API to your POS and cashier systems for streamlined operations. This integration ensures that reservation and guest information flows seamlessly into your POS, enabling your staff to provide better service and improve operational efficiency. Real-time data synchronization reduces errors and enhances the overall dining experience.

flexibility and scalability

Allowing you to tailor integrations to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your branded app, optimize your CRM and loyalty programs, or streamline your POS operations, our APIs provide the robust solutions you need. Embrace the power of integration and elevate your restaurant’s digital capabilities with Bistrochat.

Analytics & Tracking

Track reservations and conversions online directly in Google Analytics or Meta Pixel with your Google Tag Manager ID, Google Analytics ID, or Meta Pixel ID.



Google Adsense

Tag Manager




By integrating these tools, you can monitor and analyze the performance of your online ads from Instagram, Facebook, and the Google AdSense platform. This data-driven approach helps you optimize your marketing strategies, ensuring you get the most out of your ad spend and drive more reservations to your restaurant. Enhance your digital marketing efforts with precise tracking and analytics, and improve the performance of your online ads effectively.


The Bistrochat system allows easy export of guest and reservation data for daily usage, monthly reporting, or long-term storage. Restaurants can seamlessly transfer data to other software like Mailchimp for email marketing or CRM tools for enhanced customer relationship management.

This flexibility ensures that valuable data is always at your fingertips, whether for immediate operational needs, comprehensive reports, or integration with other platforms. By providing straightforward data export options, Bistrochat empowers restaurants to make data-driven decisions and improve overall efficiency and guest satisfaction

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Branded Plan

550 HKD

/Month /Venue

Paid Annually

Restaurant Booking Features

  • Manage guests: arrivals, no-shows, updates

Bookings search

  • Automatic default seating time by shift or PAX

  • Translations: English, trad Chinese, simplified Chinese

  • Your protected data: not shared, rented or sold. Never.

  • Other restaurants do NOT access your data

  • Your customers never receive promotions from others

  • No set up fee / per booking fee / annoying fee

  • Multi-venue with same or different brands

  • Auto-allocation of Tables

  • Manage combination of Tables

  • Manage Different Shifts

  • Consolidate bookings channels

  • Facebook, Instagram, Google Reserve, Openrice, etc

  • Your customers automatic export to EDM or else

  • Your customers database import

  • Send personal chat push message invitations with flyers

  • Emailing / EDM to all database for events

  • Branded workflow emails: bookings, edits, updates

  • NPS: net promoter score post-dining request


  • Your own loyalty program

  • Your own number of stamps

  • Your own condition for giving out stamps

  • Your own memebers (they cannot use stamps elsewhere)

  • Your own rewards to your clients

  • Your statistics to follow up

  • Bistrochat physical loyalty card (on top of digital)

  • Loyalty automation: reminders by email or push notifications

  • Cross-selling between your venues


  • Your own vouchers

  • Immediate cash

  • Vouchers by amount (example 1000$)

  • Vouchers by items (example: 6 pizzas)

  • Automatic ecommerce: on website, instagram, EDM, QR Code

Bullish Plan

840 HKD

/Month /Venue

Paid Annually

Everything in Branded +

Whatsapp AI

  • Get Bistrochat bot AI to confirm, update or cancel reservations on your official whatsapp automatically 24h/7

  • This also allows you to further promote your restaurant’s events and marketing materials through WhatsApp blasts

Connection to POS

  • Point-Of-Sale Connection POS-API: connection to your POS if your POS has the capability. Powerful feature linking guests data with orders! Know who ordered what

  • You get : guest lifetime spend, spend per visit, spend per cover

Whatsapp IVR (Calling Management)

  • When the restaurant is closed or staff is busy and cannot answer the phone, direct guests to WhatsApp to fulfill their reservations

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