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Chat with your favorite restaurants staff on BistroChat now! Yes it's the only app that enables it in Hong Kong

Fast and Easy

The fastest and easiest way to book a table, order food, check the address

Your Favorite Restaurant

Right in your pocket. Chat with them while in a meeting, during commute, on the way there...


Share the info with your friends: time, address, number of people, without having to chat with them or call them one by one...


s.p.e.l.l.i.n.g your name, repeaattingg your phone number, and your address

We agree

This icon has nothing to do here. But thinking of an island never hurts. And at least we know you are actually reading ;)

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What do our users say?

  • It's really convenient to book restaurants for business lunch or dinner with friends. I love the ease of chatting, so bringing it to the service industry makes sense.
    Chloe Merdjanian, Forex Trader / Hong Kong
  • If you are like me and you like simple and easy, then BistroChat should help.
    2 ppl tonight 8pm. OK. Done!

    Rebecca Cappelli, Director - Experian / Hong Kong
  • Honestly, it's the kind of app that should have existed before. It's so obvious that it's suprising this is happening only now. I am sure many of you will feel like me when using it.
    Tim Semelin, Account Director - Linkedin / Hong Kong
  • I am a very social creature. I go out for lunch and dinner all the time. This app is my weapon to get rid of the hassle. It's nothing amazing, it just works!
    Yann Perrin, Senior Trade Advisor - French Trade Commission / Hong Kong

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