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All-in-One Table Management System for Your

Bookings from All Channels: Instagram, Facebook, Google Reserve, Openrice, and many more.

We enable you to consolidate all your reservations and all your guests data into one, easy to use, system.

Bistrochat manager also includes powerful automation like reminders, deposits management, connection to POS, SMS, connection to your EDM or emailing system, and many more features to help you delight your guests.

All of this, at a surprisingly affordable flat-fee with unlimited bookings

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Bistrochat Restaurant Booking saves you time so you can focus more on your guests

Restaurant Booking Widget.

It’s plugged live with the built-in table management system (TMS). It’s responsive because the world is mobile. It’s branded because we help your brand shine.

restaurant chatbot taking bookings and replying to customers

Restaurant Reservation AI Chatbot

It takes your bookings automatically through your chat channels :
WhatsApp, Facebook, Bistrochat

It handles your restaurant's reservations on all channels 24/7

It translates live for you if you don’t speak the same language as your customer (especially from English to traditional Chinese) It adds booking info to the Booking system and Customer info to your database for marketing. Automagically!

Booking Workflows Managed by our Saas Platform

Sending confirmation, updates and cancellations emails to your customers no matter what channel they used to book. Letting them know every time about your loyalty program. Sending an automatic SMS with all the booking information when they book from your website. Our Software will manage all that and more

restaurants customers info view on mobile
consolidated restaurant reservations

Restaurant Bookings Consolidation

We consolidate all your bookings in one floor plan and one agenda, because no one wants to juggle between multiple apps and emails : openrice, eatigo, and many more. You can manage your shift peacefully

All-in-One Table Management System for all your reservations!

Guest Tagging in CRM

Personalise the experience and build a lifelong guest loyalty & engagement! In-depth real-time data & analytics to better your service so you're at the top of your game

Also reduce friction due to F&B employees turnover. Your VIP guests will always be welcomed as a VIPs no matter who's at the door that day!

restaurant guest preferences tagging, know what your guest love by keeping it in the CRM
payment for restaurant booking deposit or guarantee

No More No-Show: Desposits & Credit Card Guarantee

Our data shows that with deposits and credit card guarantee, you reduce no-shows close to 0%.

You can have special rules for big parties only, or for busy nights like Thursday, Friday, Saturday. You can even mix, for example by asking for deposits only Fridays and only for big tables of 6 guests or more. It's all up to you!

Your Restaurant Controls in Your Hands

  • ✔ Block or reopen bookings easily for all channels at the same time!

  • ✔ Pacing: maximum number of guests per time-slot! Front of house & Kitchen will love you

  • ✔ Tables Priority : control which tables are assigned in which order

  • ✔ Indoor / Outdoor / Bar / High Tables : let your guests choose an area of your restaurant and maximise your covers

  • ✔ Seatings : have two or more seatings for busy shifts

  • ✔ Walk-ins: manage walk-ins too!

restaurant managers
Restaurant Booking System Workflow

Restaurant Booking System That Makes Staff & Guests Happier

Confirmation of reservation, reminder by email or sms, allocation of table, connection to the POS order, "thank you" email and "request for feedback" that will go directly to you, it’s all out-of-the-box in Bistrochat TMS.

We take the mundane boring but necessary work out of your hands so you can focus on the work that makes you irreplaceable: human connections & superb hospitality to make the guest experience First-class

bistrochat restaurant booking app horizontal view

Restaurant Loyalty

We don’t replace your staff skills for creating relationships… we help them.

Bistrochat Loyalty Earns You Money

Implement a Low Friction System

no form to fill in, no app to download immediately… while keeping all the digital advantages. The secret of a good loyalty is to make it easier for staff and customer. Lower friction means more customers onboarded. We achieve this thanks to our unique NFC Loyalty Card. It’s not technology for the sake of technology, it’s technology that increases your bottom-line.

mobile app view with hand

All Your Customers Can Join

the loyalty program works with the bookings … or without. Many cafes take the loyalty independently and they don’t even accept bookings. You can even use our system while using competitors booking system (although, our system integrates so well, you will want to have both).

bistrochat reservation summary view 3d mobile
loyalty customer card stamps

Automate Recalls

We know you’re busy. We will send automatic emails to remind customers about their stamps in your venue or their rewards awaiting for them. It’s not about just having the data, it’s about using it and automating it

Use Actionnable Live Data

A good pilote needs a good dashboard, and that’s what we bring to your table. Now you can give clear key performance indicators to your staff and follow up on their targets. This means you can make your loyalty program successful

booking application mobile view in red
restaurant loyalty digital card

We Make You Autonomous With Your Loyalty Program

arrow left icon Make your own loyalty program with your own rules: how many stamps the customer gets for what amount? What’s the total stamps? What’s the reward? Is there a small reward with half the card is full of stamps ? It’s all your call

arrof left icon Change your loyalty on the fly : you can test and improve your loyalty program on the go so you fine-tune it to your business goals.

arrow left icon It’s your stamps, and BASTA! Let it be loud and clear, if the customer doesn’t come back to your venues, these stamps can never be used or redeemed anywhere else. Unlike most miles based systems, It’s your program, your stamps. Bistrochat is a tool to help you grow your customer base and frequency of visits.

arrow left icon Training and support 7 days a week. We think this is a given but just to be clear we added it. You’re open 7 days a week, so are we.

Your wingman to build a relationship with your customers

arrow left icon Unlike most loyalty programs, We already have tenths of thousands of users in HK. To onboard them is very easy, they already know how to use bistrochat, and they will see in the app that you have a loyalty program!

arrow left icon Geo targeting : when customers come to your venue, we let them know with a push about your loyalty program. At the right time with the right info… how about that? And we don’t use geo-fencing (this would be a catastrophy in HK as many venues are close to eachother, or literrealy on top of each other in malls, we use beacons so there is no problem).

arrow left icon Captive portal.
Right when your guests connect to your wifi, we ask them for their email and we let them know about your loyalty program. That’s not all, once connected they are redirected to your instagram page, and they can decide to follow you or not… but getting them there is more than half the job done.

arrow left iconTable stands, check-book flyers, and onboarding notices. We have all the old school tools too!

restaurant loyalty app view

Vouchers and Offers

Turn every online touch point you have into a sales channel. Online to offline made easy

arrow left icon Sell your vouchers directly on your website, the checkout is all built-in! All you have to decide is what you are selling and at what price

arrow left iconSell packages : you can sell one time things that can be redeemed in multiple visits. For example you can sell 7 set lunches, and each time your guest comes he/she can redeem one or two. It’s a versatile system to reward your most loyal customer while locking their future purchase

arrow left icon Get cashflow now : as soon as the payment is made, you receive the cash. This is a transaction between your customer and you so we don’t wait to provide you with the dollars. You need them to develop your company

arrow left icon It’s natively multi-lingual: Yes Hong Kong & Singapore are a vibrant cosmopolite city and so is bistrochat

arrow left icon It’s responsive and works on mobile out of the box, because in 2022, 63% of internet traffic is mobile

arrow left iconYou can sell on your social media too. Link in bio on your instagram, or posts on your Facebook. We turn every online presence into a shopping window. It’s time you do some serious online to offline and turn your website stats into turnover results

arrow left icon Use it in your EDM: yes, with a simple link or a button in your email, you can turn it into a shop. Craft great message, build interesting offers, we have the tools to seal the deal.

arrow left icon Appears automatically on bistrochat app for customers in the vouchers section and in your restaurant card. Because everything bistrochat works seamlessly together

We Already Enable 500+ Restaurants

logo bouillon restaurant
logo burger joys
cafe claudel restaurant
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Duddell's logo
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el gaucho logo
fab bistro logo
flying pig logo
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katsumoto logo
Komune restaurant
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Nojo logo
o'delice logo
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babacio restaurant

Branded Plan

550 hkd / Month / Venue
paid annually

Restaurant Booking Features
  • check markManage guests: arrivals, no-shows, updates
  • check markBookings search
  • check markAutomatic default seating time by shift or PAX
  • check markTranslations: english, trad chinese, simplified chinese
  • check markYour protected data: not shared, rented or sold. Never.
  • check markOther restaurants do NOT access your data
  • check markYour customers never receive promotions from others
  • check markNo set up fee / per booking fee / annoying fee
  • check markMulti-venue with same or different brands
  • check markAuto-allocation of Tables
  • check markManage combination of Tables
  • check markManage Different Shifts
  • check markConsolidate bookings channels
  • check markFacebook, Instagram, Google Reserve, Openrice, etc
  • check markYour customers automatic export to EDM or else
  • check markYour customers database import
  • check markSend personal chat push message invitations with flyers
  • check markEmailing / EDM to all database for events
  • check markBranded workflow emails: bookings, edits, updates
  • check markNPS: net promoter score post-dining request
  • check markYour own loyalty program
  • check markYour own number of stamps
  • check markYour own condition for giving out stamps
  • check markYour own memebers (they cannot use stamps elsewhere)
  • check markYour own rewards to your clients
  • check markYour statistics to follow up
  • check markBistrochat physical loyalty card (on top of digital)
  • check markLoyalty automation: reminders by email or push notifications
  • check markCross-selling between your venues
  • check markYour own vouchers
  • check markImmediate cash
  • check markVouchers by amount (example 1000$)
  • check markVouchers by items (example: 6 pizzas)
  • check markAutomatic ecommerce: on website, instagram, EDM, QR Code

Bullish Plan

840 hkd / Month / Venue
paid annually

Everything in Branded +
Advanced Capabilities
  • check markWhatsapp AI with the number you own
  • check markBranded physical loyalty cards (5 hkd/card)
  • check markBranded digital loyalty card
Point-Of-Sale Connection POS API
  • check markConnection to your POS if your POS has the capability. Powerful feature linking guests data with orders! Know who ordered what
  • check markGuest lifetime spend, spend per visit, spend per cover
Wifi Captive Portal
  • check markPromote your loyalty and events on your wifi connections. Direct customers to your instagram or facebook. (not need a compatible access point, we help you with that)

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